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4 Email Copywriting Tips

Email Copywriting Tips

4 Email Copywriting Tips

Today, marketers struggle to design email text that gets their emails opened and invites readers to take action. Email copywriting isn’t simply about the subject line. It’s not only about the call to action. And it’s not just about the copy…

It’s about all of it, and developing emails that act as automated selling machines from the moment you hit send. Here are the recommended techniques to create a high converting email.

Be very brief

Over 300 billion emails are sent each day. That figure is mind boggling. People get approximately maybe a dozen emails to their inbox each day. There are literally hundreds of billions of emails sent everyday.

With that many notifications all day long, we know that the shorter the email, the better it is. Keep it succinct and to the point. That is the best way to ensure that your email copywriting is read.

Subject Headings & Preview Text

The subject line should not be overly generic, uninteresting, or deceptive. When readers go through their inbox, your email competes for readers’ attention with hundreds of other messages. However, once inside the email, you have their whole attention.

Therefore, craft a subject line that speaks directly to your readers. You may pique their interest with strategies such as FOMO, mystery, scarcity, or even humour. And, as always, track open rate stats to see what works best.

Your preview text should provide additional context for the email’s contents. Bear in mind that it should not exceed 50 characters to fit within the preview area. It should not repeat the topic line but instead expand on it.

Utilize Effective Language

Your emails, regardless of who you are or who you are writing to, all serve the same purpose: To compel them to act!

It is the single most critical factor for any organisation that wishes to increase engagement and revenue. If you are unable to elicit responses to your emails, you are doing something incorrectly.

Avoid Spamming & Over Expressing 

Avoid using all caps and several exclamation points in the email’s subject line and text. Not only all caps the internet equivalent of shouting, but its excessive use screams spammy email marketing. This will have a detrimental effect on your email open rate. Additionally, if enough subscribers report you, it may affect your email deliverability or potentially result in your email newsletter service blacklisting you.

Make yourself as relatable as possible. Assume you’re speaking with a friend. When discussing products with your target audience, emphasise the prospective benefits. Avoid droning on about features and specifications. Keep it brief – at least at first. While older subscribers can tolerate longer emails, you don’t want to immediately scare them away. Furthermore, do not be scared to get personal. Share your life’s tales, stories, and information. A behind-the-scenes view may also be effective.

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