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6 Best Ways to Grow On Instagram

6 Best Ways to Grow On Instagram

Instagram is a well-known social media platform around the world. Around 1.386 billion people are using this app each month, which makes it the 4th most used social media platform at the moment, only behind Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp.

Here are 6 valuable tips for your growth on Instagram: –

1. Stay Frequent and Consistent

Without being frequent and consistent while posting, your followers’ expectations and interests are going to subside, and you’re more likely to lose your hard-earned followers. That’s why, stay as active as you can and more importantly, post what the majority of your followers want to see.

2. Use a Scheduling Tool

Planning and scheduling in advance is very important. It doesn’t just save your valuable time, but also keeps your stress in check as well. Instagram has a scheduling feature within the Facebook Ads Manager, and there are several other posting tools available, many of which come with other helpful growth features.

3. Go Live

A verified data states that 82% of people would rather watch a live video than see a social media post? And Instagram Live makes this possible. Instagram Live videos give you the top spot on your followers’ story feeds, and it also automatically sends push notifications to your followers to let them know when you are live.

4. Post Regular Stories

Every day, around 500 million people use Instagram Stories. Stories have continued growing in popularity on various social media platforms. It gives you another way to engage with your followers.

5. Use Hashtags

Another easy and effective way to grow your Instagram account is using hashtags strategically. Relevant hashtags (if used correctly) often provide you an opportunity to reach on a wider level.

6. Showcase your Instagram Account on Multiple Levels

How are people going to find you if you don’t promote it elsewhere? Make sure your Instagram account is linked with your website and other social media networks.
It is always better to create more visibility and awareness to get discovered. Let the world find you.

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