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    Why Kalaa Creations ?

    Our time-tested strategy will help you dominate social media

    We have mastered a process that has delivered 135+ Projects to more than 70 Clients over 8 Years

    Your business, customers and competitors
    Your social media profile and content
    The problems, goals, and plans
    A comprehensive social media plan
    The results in real time and improve performance

    How We Work

    Kalaa Creations has already developed an effective plan that can help you acquire new clients fast.


    Firstly, set up your overall mission and social media marketing objective. Identifying ways to measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


    Creating a social media marketing plan to achieve your goals and make the most of your marketing dollar. A 30-60-90-day plan to keep your strategy on track.


    The success of your brand's online transformation depends on its strategic execution. The best way to do that is by taking action using proven tools & tactics.

    Welcome, Savvy Marketer. It’s time to step up your game

    Happy Clients, Happy Us!


    We believe that the highest standards serve the happiest customers. Let’s hear what our customers have to say about us.
    Jason Meritt CEO

    For a young company like us, social media marketing is very important and we have found Kalaa Creations to be very effective in engaging new clients on Facebook and Twitter. They are highly professional and friendly. We will continue to use their services in future.

    Mary Scott CMO

    Kalaa Creations is the best company to go to if you want to get your business online and need social media marketing services. They are very professional and they make sure everything is done right and on time. They helped us increase our social media presence in a very short span of time. Would highly recommend them.

    Paresh Rawat Marketing Manager

    We have used Kalaa Creations for services in Social Media Marketing and Graphic Designing. They have done an excellent job helping us with increasing our online presence and maintaining brand's integrity online. We have seen our traffic increase exponentially in no time. I really applaud them on their outstanding work.

    Gautam Shinde Marketing Head

    Kalaa Creations has been very helpful in helping us expand our social network. I'm very happy with my social media campaigns and I would highly recommend Kalaa Creations to anyone looking to grow their business through social media.

    James Anderson EVP, Development & Marketing

    If only I'd found Kalaa Creations sooner. They totally transformed my social media campaigns, with impressions and engagement rocketing within weeks of them taking over. I can't recommend them enough.

    Angela Garcia President & CEO

    I was a bit skeptical about hiring someone for social media marketing, but I am so glad that I did! Not only do they promote my business better than I ever could, but they are also incredibly affordable. I was able to hire them on a retainer basis, which just made things even easier and more convenient.

    Andrew Miller Owner

    I'm a small business owner, and I wanted to grow my business by using social media marketing. Kalaa Creations helped me by offering services such as: maintaining online presence on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, instagram and linkedin. The prices were affordable and the results were amazing! Without them, I couldn't have grown my business so fast.

    Jim Hedberg Manager

    It's a great relief to have Kalaa Creations managing my social media marketing. I can focus on my business, knowing that my online presence is being taken care of by experts.

      Tap into an engaged audience that builds your reputation

      Our Work

      We create ideas that speak, inspire and innovate.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      In a nutshell, the answer is yes. Consumers of today are online, and if you are not present for them, you risk being obsolete. While traditionalists may prefer to sell only through print media, direct mail, and/or billboard advertising, this is a risky strategy. To compete in today's world, you need to be online, which includes social media marketing.

      It is critical for both, but in distinct ways. While B2C firms can focus on lighter, more enjoyable social media postings, B2B organisations must use social media to deliver valuable B2B marketing information.

      Social media marketing has progressed to the point where a dizzying array of specialists consult with organisations to build and implement efficient plans and initiatives. If you're unfamiliar with social media marketing or lack the necessary skills or resources, you might consider hiring an experienced and versatile social media marketing consultant.

      Without a doubt! It has been demonstrated repeatedly by leading businesses. In fact, failing to utilise social media marketing can be detrimental to your business, as having an online presence on social media is now a need for any credible organisation.

      The social media operations of a business do not have to originate from the same location – but they do need to be coordinated, which can be difficult when each department operates independently. Sending inconsistent messages causes clients more confusion than anything else — consistency is critical.

      Definitely. While many businesses continue to be skeptical about social media marketing, avoiding it restricts your firm access to the media that the majority of consumers access first and at all hours of the day.

      Get increased conversions with More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

      We help you establish a Digital Footprint

      Your Social Media Strategy is Important. Let Us Help You With That

      Create highly effective social media strategies and campaigns for use across all platforms and garner qualified leads.

      Social media has become the go-to communication channel for most of the world’s top brands. We’ll help you develop your strategy and make sure that it is well thought out and grounded in real data.

      Innovative Research: Our innovative technology couples in-depth research—which consists of proven methodologies and technologies to help you reach more customers and make more money.

      Customer Connection: Connect with your customers by using our social media strategy to target the right consumers for your business. We can help you develop a strategy leading to brand loyalty and customer acquisition.

      Cross-channel Approach: We’ll help you establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry and build connections with your audience by expanding the scope of your content into multiple channels.

      Building a presence on all of your targeted audience's favorite networks gives you better brand visibility and allows you to share relevant content that will connect with your potential customers. 

      Profile Creation & Optimization: Our approach focuses on creating an optimum user experience for your business and brand. Our team will create and optimize your multiple accounts tailored to your unique needs.

      Custom Content Creation: Our team creates custom content that attracts users to your website, builds trust with them, and encourages them to take the next step towards purchasing from you.

      Building Communities: We’re highly effective at building and leveraging key social networks for businesses to spread brand awareness, increase traffic, generate leads, and convert sales.

      We enable you to influence and drive qualified leads from your social media networks with Facebook ads. With a track record of top-notch service and excellent results, we are here to help you boost the volume of your sales.

      Planned Campaigns: Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to drive traffic to your website. We make sure your campaigns are planned, executed and monitored with data-driven strategies.

      Special Offers: We are able to quickly scale up your online presence and marketing across the social networks by specific offers and campaigns.

      Influencer Marketing: Our comprehensive suite of affordable influencer networks will make your online campaigns prominently popular.

      Our marketing and social media specialists are continually working to help you understand your target audience, refine campaign objectives and track the results of your efforts.

      Social Listening: The latest technology leverages social listening to provide accurate reporting of the performance and results of your Social Media campaigns.

      Monthly Reporting- Through our monthly reporting, we can answer your needs and questions, and provide accurate attribution for calculating ROI.

      Insights Reporting- You can track your social media campaigns down to the individual post levels. Making continuous adjustments to your campaign will improve your company's effectiveness.

      • 1250 +
      • Leads Generated
      • 26.75 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • 5.54L +
      • Impressions
      • 1890 +
      • Leads Generated

      • 22.75 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend

      • 34%
      • Reduction in cost per leads
      • 575 +
      • Purchase Generated
      • 17 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • 2.90L +
      • Impressions
      • 870 +
      • Leads Generated
      • 15.55 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • 44 %
      • Reduction in cost per leads
      • 2200 +
      • Leads Generated
      • 30.75 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • 45 %
      • Reduction in cost per leads
      • 150 +
      • Customer Acquired
      • 30.75 ×
      • Return on Ad Spend
      • 45 %
      • Reduction in cost per leads

      Play Offside

      1250 +
      Leads Generated

      26.75 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      5.54L +


      2200 +
      Leads Generated

      30.75 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      45 %
      Reduction In Cost Per Lead


      1890 +
      Leads Generated

      22.75 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      34 %
      Reduction In Cost Per Lead

      Dr. Vinit's Orthopaedics

      150 +
      Customer Acquired

      62 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      1.5L +

      Damante Perfumes

      575 +
      Purchase Generated

      17 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      2.90L +

      Digital Doc

      240 +
      Leads Generated

      35.75 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      31 %
      Reduction In Cost Per Lead

      Mumbai Menu

      870 +
      Leads Generated

      15.55 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      44 %
      Reduction In Cost Per Lead

      Froozo India

      95 +
      Franchise Leads

      220 ×
      Return on Ad Spend

      1100 +
      Link Clicks Generated


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