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5 Different Types Of Content

5 Different Types of Content

If you’re into content marketing, content is the soul of your business. You need to really put efforts to make your content better, and for doing that, you need to learn the basics of content formation.

So here we are, with the list of 5 different kinds of content: –

1) Blogs/Articles

Probably the most common form of content available on the web, at present. Specific detailing in the content provides a greater form of knowledge to your audience, which eventually drives a lot of organic traffic to your site. It basically shows your expertise in the respective field.

2) Reports

It is the longer format of content, in which the length is normally around 3000 to 5000 words. The depth which a report provides is so valuable for business aspects, mainly due to the research work done in them. These are commonly found in PDFs.

3) Ebooks

Another long form of content, in fact, quite a bit longer than reports. This type of content provides a different kind of authority, the level of research is unmatched. They are often found in HTML format.

4) Infographics

This is the set of content which has become really popular in recent times. It includes pie charts, stats and data analytics, and more. It’s fair to say this kind of content creates more interest in people’s minds than any of the others.

5) Video

Probably the most popular set of content. Visual content is often said to be the most powerful form of content. Many analysts from different fields convey their knowledge through this form. It is definitely the most engaging form of content.

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