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8 SEO Link Building Strategies

8 SEO Link Building Strategies

Link building is the process of establishing one-way hyperlinks or backlinks to a website in order to increase its search engine visibility. Content marketing, the creation of useful products, email outreach, broken link building, and public relations are all common link building tactics. 

Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging refers to the process of contributing material to another website in your niche. To ensure that this works in a backlink plan, you must ensure that you are not ghostwriting. At the conclusion of the article, give your byline and a link to your website. The trick here is to prioritize quality in both the venues for which you guest blog and the content you post for them. Otherwise, you risk detracting from your rating rather than enhancing it. 

Skyscraper Technique 

The Skyscraper link acquisition approach is identifying content that other websites are connecting to and then developing your own valuable, high-quality content on the same subject or niche. You’ll then advertise your material to powerful or trustworthy individuals in your market, or attempt to persuade them to connect to it instead. 

Industry Statistics 

Creating a repository for the most pertinent statistics in your sector helps tremendously when it comes to creating quality backlinks. Content authors are constantly on the lookout for statistics. They enjoy creating data-driven content and require data to support it. If you can curate stats on a single page, you can help content authors save time on research. 

Establishment of Missing Links 

Broken link building, or BLB, is a tactic that assists in securing links on resource pages by identifying currently listed broken links and offering your content as a replacement. After all, who wants to have a 404 error page on their website? 

Reclaim lost backlinks 

Along with acquiring new connections, it’s worthwhile to invest time determining whether your existing backlinks are broken or have vanished. To re-establish a broken backlink, you must contact the site’s owner and request assistance. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may request that they place your link on a different page if the prior one was removed, restore the backlink if it was destroyed, or remove noindex directives from their pages.


The term “Co-Occurrences” refers to the words and phrases that display adjacent to your link. Co-Occurrences are most likely used by Google as “baby anchor text.” Additionally, the wording surrounding your link provides context for your page’s content.  

Avoid Using Substandard Techniques to Acquire Backlinks 

Never purchase links. Even if you purchase advertising, this is not the same with acquiring backlinks. Sponsored advertising provides extra benefits in addition to backlinks, and Google is capable of distinguishing between a paid advertisement and a link-building strategy. 

Digital Public relations  

Digital PR entails pitching the media with positive news items about you, your company, and your products or services. You can create a press release to alert the public to an important event or development and then disseminate it to relevant media outlets. A link to your website should be included in your press release. Make an attempt to link to a similar web page rather than your homepage. 


Perhaps most importantly, you must exercise patience. Even a well-executed SEO link building campaign can take time to bear fruit. The competitiveness of your topic and your target keywords have a significant impact on the time required to see results.

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