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4 Tips For Logo Designing

4 Tips For Logo Designing

Logo is a very important aspect of designing, as it explains the purpose of any kind of brand, or website, for that matter. It is so crucial to have an eye-catching logo, because it often creates the first impression, a kind of vibe in the viewer’s mind. At the same time, your logo should present a sense of clarity in front of the viewers. That’s why the logo holds so much importance.

So we are here to give you 4 tips for Logo Designing :-

1. One picture tells the whole Story

You don’t need to tell others what your brand offers, it’s your logo’s job. Design it in such a way so that it tells the whole story, because visual representation is the strongest representation. And that’s the whole point of creating a logo.

2. Background should complement the main text

The formation of colours matters a lot, while making a logo. No matter how cool your logo looks, it wouldn’t create much of an impact if the background of your logo is not convincing. You can use various shades of the same colour to create subtle contrasts within your logo.

3. Be as clear as possible

Clarity is the key. Designing a clear logo is as important as designing an attractive logo. By that, you’re not leaving any kind of question in the viewer’s mind, which leaves a positive impact.

4. Pay attention to the Typography

You have to select a font that complements your logo. There has to be an attractive combination of fonts. There are 4 basic types of fonts you can work with to give your logo a unique look:

Serif fonts – Serif fonts make your logo look balanced. Serifs are the little “feet” at the end of letters, which make them look a little more nostalgic.

Sans serif fonts – Sans-serif fonts are apt for the clean look. They bring a sense of modernity as well.

Script fonts – Script fonts are much similar to handwriting. The variety is surely there. Use it for giving your logo a much needed versatility.

Display fonts – As the name suggests, they are used for that eye-catching flair.

Use any of them as per your own demand.

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