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6 Essential Tools Every Designer Needs To Have

6 Essential Tools Every Designer Needs To Have

Here we have listed the 6 tools which are probably the most essential to you, as a graphic designer, particularly if you’re a beginner to this artistic field. So have a look :-

1. Adobe Photoshop

It’s been around since 24 years. Photoshop has come into existence and there’s still no alternative to that. This must have told you the importance of Adobe Photoshop. It has provided a new dimension to Graphic Designing. The authenticity it provides is one of the main reasons for its huge demand.

2. Filestage

Filestage is an online review and approval tool. It certainly makes the content review process easier for the graphic designers. It basically simplifies your collaboration with internal and external stakeholders on a range of file types including images, PDFs, websites, and much more.

3. PicsArt

If you don’t have much prior experience in graphic designing, PicsArt might be the best tool for you, as it helps you to create a high-grade content in much simpler terms. It also provides many visual effects which are easy to use.

4. Desygner

Desygner, too, is super simple to use. You can easily change fonts, colour size, of text, drag & drop elements into the design, and replace images with one click. All this without any complexion. You can also search Royalty-free images directly from Desygner using any keyword and find the highest quality royalty-free images to customise your designs.

5. DesignBold

Another user-friendly online designing tool which is highly recommended to beginners in graphic designing. It helps you create an attractive set of designs without much of a fuss. With a massive library of 12,080++ customizable layouts and countless resources, DesignBold is a fantastic option for you to build the important elements of your overall design.

6. Logastor

A real timesaver in the field of graphic designing. Highly recommended for the projects of smaller scale. It will help you create apt designs in absolutely no time. Not only that, creating logos on Logastor is a smooth job to do. It’s a pretty good example of being ‘user friendly’.                 

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