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6 Websites For Free Icons

6 Websites For Free Icons

Icons are indeed essential for any kind of presentation. But it is even more important to know where to get apt icons from. And not to forget, it’s a daunting task. So, we are here to show 6 of the finest websites to download free icons for your respective content.

1. Flaticon

Having more than 70 thousand icons on their site, Flaticon is well regarded as the largest icon provider on the internet, and rightly so. The icons on Flaticon are in the respective formats of SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG.

2. FreePik

Not just icons, FreePik is filled with a huge set of Vector images, pictures and PSD files as well, which are regarded as ‘gold dust’ to some developers. And most importantly, if it’s already not clear enough from its name, it is completely free and user friendly.

3. SoftIcons

SoftIcons is another user friendly website where you can easily download icons and that too, free of cost. It was launched around 12 years ago in 2010 and its database has been growing exponentially ever since.

4. IconFinder

IconFinder is one of those sites which offers both free and premium icons on their site and provides around 500,000 icons with filter options like searching by pixel size or licence type, which makes the searching much easier. While some icons are free of cost, some may require one-time payment to access.

5. Premiumpixels

Premiumpixels provides hundreds of icons for free. It was started by Orman Clarke, a UK based designer. Like some other top websites, it has a great collection of icons and PSD files.

6. IconPng

Having more than 60,000 free icons, it’s safe to say that IconPng is filled with plenty of choices. You can simply customise your icon search based on colour, size, category, etc. which makes the searching much easier for you. In short, effective and user friendly.

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